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Paper Office

How office desks have changed! This doesn’t necessarily mean that there was anything wrong with the desks of yesterday: it’s more a case of progression.

In our parents’ and grandparents’ times, office work involved lots of paper. If your job involved looking at plans, accounts or any responsibility where you needed to address more than one sheet of paper or book at a time, you needed space. Desks were long and wide, to accommodate such needs. RSI (repetitive strain injury), tenosynyvitis and carpal tunnel syndrome weren’t such an issue and the desk didn’t need an’under’ desk, for that all-important keyboard. So, a desk was basically a table with drawers.

Today, in an age when we are supposed to be using less paper, we need space for the computer and all of its necessary accessories. Quite often, the desks are without storage space and free-standing pedestals have replaced the earlier fixed drawers.

Chairs, on the other hand, have changed big-style. No longer just addressing somewhere to sit, they take the human frame into account. Though these chairs will be more expensive than the ordinary chair used before, they work towards preventing or addressing some health issues. In a working world where huge amounts of sickness carry the label of ‘bad back’, doesn’t it make sense to address suitable seating needs? It could prove to be a lot cheaper than losing contracts or having to hire temporary staff as a result of those prolonged absences, don’t you think?

Office chairs now often come on casters and one great advantage of these wheels is that people are less likely to use the chairs as stepladders. Today’s working environment is one of risk assessments, assessing hazards and trying to make employees take responsibility for their own health, rather than letting it fall on the shoulders of the unsuspecting employer, who can’t be around all the time.

Comfort when working is so important. If you’ve ever had to sit on a bus for a long journey, you’ll know just how uncomfortable prolonged sitting can be. Many employees sit for four or five hours without leaving their seats, resulting in bad backs, trapped nerves and related internal illnesses, caused by sitting in a cramped position which affects your blood circulation and squashes your vital organs ( kidneys, stomach etc.).

A good ergonomic chair will be adjustable and it will offer lumbar support, which will prevent or help reduce back pain. Each individual will need a different level of adjustment but all will need back support. When you go looking for a chair, make sure you check the chair specifications: how can this chair be adjusted to meet your body frame, weight and job needs? A chair may be only a piece of furniture but a good ergonomic office chair will fit you like a glove, protecting you against all unpleasant conditions

Ergonomic Office Chairs
Ergonomic Office Chairs

Nefil Office Chair

The higher up you get in office life, the less likely you are to take a real lunch break. And office life doesn’t only occur in offices. A strange thing to say I know but even a manager in a residential home is working in an office, so you see what I mean. While computers were to reduce paperwork, I suppose they did reduce the ‘paper’ element but they didn’t reduce the need to fill in forms, hence the need to be comfortable when you’re sitting at your desk.

I love to sit with a straight back but, referring back to that manager in a residential home, or any job where that budget seems to overwhelm you, you can find yourself glued to your seat, tossing figures around in your mind and easily forgetting that you should have gone home hours ago. And that’s when I realised I wasn’t sitting upright anymore but was, at times, sprawling across my desk and suffering the consequent pain.

A good ergonomic office chair will encourage you to sit up properly. It will have all those whizzes and bangs that, when you adjust them to suit your frame, you’ll want to own those changes, to make use of them and, as you’ll find out, to benefit from them.

Relax with an Ergonomic Office Chair like the Nefil Chair
Relax with an Ergonomic Office Chair like the Nefil Chair

Take the Nefil Office Chair model as an example. Coming in a mesh upholstery, it’s a breathable material which is already giving you comfort. With its adjustments of seat height, seat tilt and glide, you can get your perfect sitting position. Have you ever sunk into a sofa that is too low and too squidgy and, though it might feel good as you drop into it, it’s not really a comfortable experience? Well, getting that seat pad of the Nefil just right for you means that you’re guaranteed comfort, that you can enjoy the experience and that coming and going, as office life demands, become second nature actions.

The Nefil ergonomic office chair also has an in-built lumbar support panel which, when you’ve adjusted the seat back to make that lumbar panel meet with your lumbar region, you will be hugging your back and keeping those all-important internal organs in comfortable working order. It seems strange to talk about internal organs when talking about chairs, so think of carrying a bottle of wine in a suitcase, without having first wrapped the bottle in a tee-shirt or two and then fixing it in position inside your suitcase. with more rigid objects. Something’s going to give, isn’t it? While you might b able to replace the bottle of wine the same day, getting the pain out of your body as a result of sitting badly isn’t going to be so quick. So, yes, supporting your lower back really is important, as it goes towards supporting all-round good health.

And when that Nefil ergonomic office chair comes in a super colour of your own choice, it’ll feel just as good as that personally-chosen wine tastes.

Nefil Office Chair
Nefil Office Chair

Mesh Office Chairs

Certification & Guarantee


The Enjoy office chair is certified to BS EN 1335-2:2000. According to this standard, the chair is considered to be structurally suitable and sufficiently stable for use as an office task chair for up to 8 hours a day by persons weighing up to 110kg or 17 stones.

Guarantee – 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee on chair structure, with 3 years guarantee on moving parts and upholstery.

Enjoy Mesh Office Chairs
Enjoy Mesh Office Chairs


The Ergohuman chair is certified to BS EN 5459-2:2000 and is therefore structurally suitable and sufficiently stable for use as an office task chair for up to 24 hours a day by persons weighing up to 150kg or 23.5 stones.

Guarantee – 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee on chair structure, with 3 years guarantee on moving parts and upholstery.

Ergohuman Office Chairs
Ergohuman Office Chairs

Ergohuman Plus

The Ergohuman Plus is in the inital stages of testing for certification to BS EN 5459-2:2000. We expect certification to be complete in early 2010.

Guarantee – 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee on chair structure, with 3 years guarantee on moving parts and upholstery.

Ergohuman Plus Ergonomic Office Chairs
Ergohuman Plus Ergonomic Office Chairs

Mirus Office Chair

The latest addition to the Ergohuman chair range, the Mirus chair boasts the ingeniously simple single lever control which operates the three most frequently
used chair functions. Seat height, seat depth and back tilt can all be operated from a single point of contact.

Mirus Office Chairs Head Rest
Mirus Office Chairs Head Rest

The design concept of the Mirus chair also incorporates a multi-directional
interactive neck roll which can help to relax tired neck and shoulder muscles. The
3-dimensional automatic flexible lumbar support system provides full support to
the lumbar region with interactive and dynamic movement, intuitively adjusting
to your needs. A ‘zero pressure’ seat cushion helps to distribute weight evenly across the seat pad to provide maximum comfort.

Mirus Office Chair 3D Headrest
Mirus Office Chair 3D Headrest

The Mirus chair is 98% recyclable, has Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certification
and meets EN 1335. Available in a choice of white and aluminium frame, black
and aluminium frame or all-black frame with a mesh back and fabric seat, the
colour combinations are contemporary and exciting.

Mirus Office Chairs
Mirus Office Chairs

The Mirus Mesh Chair is available in three frame finishes – white, black and
polished aluminium/black; with the choice of the unique MD-flex
headrest, adjustable 3D headrest or headrest-free, combined with an
extensive selection of coloured mesh and fabrics creating an almost
unlimited variation to suit your requirements.

Mirus Mesh Office Chair
Mirus Mesh Office Chair Flexible Lumbar Support

Genidia Chair

Introducing the latest Office Chair from the Ergohuman Chair Range, the Genidia is a new concept office/posture chair with cutting edge aesthetics, breakthrough bonding design and interactive sitting posture engineering.

Its twisted structure optimises strength, allowing it to create a consistent thin edge throughout the entire frame. A custom integrated mechanism offers many areas of adjustment without disrupting the chair’s flow.

Also available with the Genidia is a ‘Sitting Posture Warning Device’ which can help users to correct their sitting posture, allowing them to be seated in a healthier way. After turning on the device, if the user has an incorrect sitting posture more than a minute, the device will be activated to alert the user.


  • Sitting Posture Warning Device add-on is also available
  • Mesh is made from elastomeric polyester mesh
  • Seat frame and headrest is made of nylon
  • Back frame is made of a combination of nylon and TPR
  • 4D armrest is made from plastic, aluminium, metal and polyurethane
Genidia Black Leather Office Chair
Genidia Black Leather Office Chair

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